Sustainable Keele: Wind Turbine Installed at Home Farm (Update)

The  week commencing 23rd April saw the installation of a prototype vertical axis wind turbine at Home Farm. The design pioneered by McCamley, was chosen by Keele University and MacCamley agreed to install their Mark 3 prototype turbine after the enthusiastic response from Pat Bailey our Pro Vice-Chancellor (Environment & Sustainability) and Phil Butters Director (Estates & Development).

Speaking to the owner and founder of urban renewable energy company on the windswept bank near Home Farm, McCamley told me that he was excited to be working with Keele and is already looking to the the long term where we could see a campus filled with vertical axis turbines on roofs.

McCamley explained the advantages of his unique design which allowed for easy installation on a conventional mast or on top of building roofs. The McCamley turbines start generating power at very low speeds and can even operate effectively in storm force winds!

In a statement on the McCamley website, they state:

“Our Company intends to play an active part in the renewable energy conversation and our belief is that the products we make will play a role in giving us all some new options in this regard. For this reason, our starting point has been to find something that can be used within an urban environment that is safe, quiet and worthwhile.

The new McCamley turbine started its life over thirty years ago and the principles it uses were the brain child of Dr Anthony Mewburn-Crook, a friend of ours. After several false starts spanning the last twenty two years, McCamley are finally bringing to market this technology that should have been shared decades ago. Our recent two year development programme has given us the blueprint of the machine that you see today.”

To learning more about sustainability at Keele, Click here.

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