Library to trial evening opening in August

Breaking News: Thanks to your input, we’ve managed to make a change Last week over 100 of you contributed to the library summer provision survey put out by the KPA. 67% of respondents said they would use the library between the hours of 6.30 and 10pm, while 95% said they would appreciate extended opening hours in the run up to submitting their dissertation/thesis.

The KPA President took a report to Librarian Paul Reynolds and the Library has agreed to trial opening the Library for an extended period during the last two weeks in August 2012. The details are not finalised yet, but we are delighted that the provision will be trialled this summer. Whilst it will not help everyone who is submitting work this summer, it will help the KPA and the Library to build the case that postgraduates deserve this provision over the summer months, and perhaps finally move towards a shift in mentality, where campus doesn’t simply shut down to the students who still access its facilities over the summer months. The KPA would like to thank Paul Reynolds for being so receptive to our report and this is an example of a real and measurable response to the student feedback. The most important thing you can do now is make use of the service and prove it is necessary.

To read about the changes to library provisions from next semester, go to our website:

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